Every 28 year olds dream….

So here I am, Christmas 2015…..living back home with my crazy but lovable family after 8 years of independence following the break up of a 10 year relationship.

Yes it was my decision, a long, hard, painful decision. But sadly it was the right one. So after my parents acting as if I was imagining our rocky relationship as a teenager?!?!, and insisting we’d be like the Waltons…..I’m back in the family nest.

Obviously there were ground rules set on both parts…..and……it took my mother a day to break hers.

Let me introduce you to;

My mother

  • Crazy
  • Sensitive
  • Huge amount of love to give
  • Irrational
  • Caring
  • Feeder
  • Funny
  • Exhausting
  • Generous
  • Overwhelming

It’s amazing…..when you’re a teenager and your parents make a point of not being a taxi service, ensuring you pull your weight around the house (fair enough) and making you work for your pocket money — to the point of having to clean an entire work van inside and out for £2.50 (not so fair enough)

– BUT NOW! Apparently, I can’t possibly get the train to the airport (it’s 4 stops), I’ve been trusted with one and only one house duty — cleaning down the dining after dinner :-/ even loading the dish washer is too tricky for me apparently! and I’ve been asked ‘have I got enough money’ about 10 times!

-Genuinely, where was this when I was a lazy teenager! I would have lapped this up!

All I wanted was to do my own washing, she promised she’d allow me that one thing! So why is it, a day after I move in, we’re literally doing tug of war over my wet clothes!
And then……came the tears 😦 yes, I cried at someone trying to do my washing! — oh the embarrassment! Witnessed of course by my dad and sister.

tug of war.jpg

I 100% mean it when I say I fully recognise this is all out of love, and in all seriousness, having numerous friends who’s Mothers are either just not there for them, or don’t have a mum full stop — I’m truly grateful for being so cared for.
I’ve got this idea to share my mum with them! 🙂 Like genuinely! It would be great if it was possible, and she could take them under her wing! She has so so much love to give and they so desperately need it at times.
– But…….it’s not really realistic, and until I find a way of sharing……I just need to smile at her hilariousness ways, and share for you to you hopefully smile too.

If you have smiled……remember, sharing’s caring 🙂


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