Re-introducing the woman who sent back a finger bowl because it was too cold……

I introduced my mother in my first blog…..but a recent trip to London gave me the urge to share her lovely, yet nutty misunderstood self.

The mother doesn’t really do public transport, so when we did get on the train and there weren’t two seats together, she couldn’t understand why her declaring this outloud didn’t prompt everyone to re jiggle their comfortable selves to allow us to sit together.

So we were sat about 2 metres apart…..but obviously! She spoke to me as if I was right next to her. Which just to happened to be directly into the ear of another passenger.

– finally he says ‘sorry do you want to switch seats?’ (This has been her secret plan the whole time)

– ‘ooh yes please!’

Upon switching seats she detects an Australian accent, always one to talk to strangers she ask;

‘Ooh where are you from?!’

Man says; ‘Melbourne Australia ‘

Straight away – ‘ooh my daughters been there! You’ve been there haven’t you?! She travels everywhere she does – tell him where you’re  going next?!’ (Queue for me to sheepishly say)

This prompts the woman next to my mum to say ‘my daughter lives in Melbourne!’

She’s now made 2 friends on a train which is exactly 2 more than probably every other British person has made on a train! And so decides to announce very loudly……

‘Let’s have a Melbourne party!!’ 😂

– moral of the story, she may be crazy but she’s also very proud of her daughters ☺️

So that was the train up to London.

Coming back we just managed to jump on the first carriage of the gatwick express and with about 10 others in front started trundelling through each carriage looking for seats.

Obviously the entire time my mother declaring we need 2 seats together and obviously the entire time……nobody caring!

We get to the last carriage and the woman passenger who’s been walking in front of us turns round to catch her breath……because it turns out she’s about 7/8 months pregnant!

I ask if she’s ok and has nobody stood up for her? A little upset she says no.

So the mother is now on a mission! And says;

‘Right! Come with me!’

She stands in the last carriage of the train and says

‘Right gentlemen! We’ve got a heavily pregnant woman here…..who’s going to give up their seat?’

One guy, ONE! Stands up and the pregnant woman……albeit bright red and embarrassed takes her seat.

My mums pleased that she’s done her good deed for the day and we go on our way……

Moral of the story, she may be crazy but sometimes…..she’s got a bloody point!












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