Perception is a a really powerful thing. Marketeers use it to their advantage or task themselves in changing the publics perception of a brand. 

But how you are/feel you are perceived as a person can have a really powerful affect on your mind and make you question how well you know yourself. 

I found this out last year. 

After years of striving to come across as strong and professional in order to curb my teenage label of bubbly and dizy, it all came to a head…… my jam packed head.
I found gradually over the years that everyone had their own little opinion about my personality traits and what was most irritating and bizarre was that they were at times opposites! 

Over sensitive / Insensitive 

Disorganised / control freak

Walk over / opinionated 

Always early / always late 

Wild / goody two shoes 

Kind / uncaring

I wear my heart on my sleeve / I am cold inside!

It all built up quite unecessarily to the point where petty opinions really got to me! 

Why were they getting to me?

2. reasons;

1. I found it exhausting that people had opposite opinions AND felt such need to make theses known.

2. What about my view of myself? 

Assumptions come hand in hand with the first point. People at work will see one side of me and turn these snippets into my personality into 100 assumptions about the rest of my personality. 

I always thought of myself as someone who is very self aware, so when it did all come to a head last year the question of ‘what about my view of myself’ really bugged me. It caught me when I was down so I really started to question how well I knew myself. By the time I’d started to build up my confidence again, the self doubt turned to frustration that I didn’t even get a bloody say in it!  

A year on I really have to keep a close eye on my confidence when I comes to how I think people perceive me. When I feel self doubt I have to really be reminded that I know my myself – both plus and negative points. 

Yes I am too sensitive 

I am strong 

I am ambitious

I can be a control freak 

I can be disorganised 

I can be early 

I can be late! 

I’m not a walk over 

I am too hard on myself 

I am kind 

I wear my heart on my sleeve after I get close to someone 🙂 

Back to assumptions. As you see above some things are ‘I can be’ – because we’re human and we’re not programmed to ALWAYS be a certain way! 

People do love to assume that if are late once (for example) you’re that person! You’re always late! 

However much I think it ridiculous how much this got to me, I’m glad it did in a way. Because we are all guilty of analysing people too early. It’s exhausting! Just relax and get to know people in the natural speed. No rush 🙂 just enjoy each other’s company.  
Anyone feel differently? X


2 thoughts on “Perception 

  1. Really interesting post, I completely get what you mean about people’s assumptions often contrasting. Everyone has a different outlook on what’s too much/not enough, it can be difficult to know who to listen to!

    Liked by 1 person

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